St. Vincent Poster

As it turns out, running a small, awesome creative agency is real hard and involves working a lot. And I always find it especially hard to make time to let myself just get inspired by something and create for the sake of creating.

I've been listening to a lot of St. Vincent lately. The music is great, experimental, exciting, and makes me feel alive. She's a phenomenal talent, and anytime I have read or seen an interview I'm so stoked on what she has to say about creating art and being an artist. She just gets like a million points. 

So, rather than just soak up all this excitement and inspiration, I wanted to make something. Inspired by the song 'Rattlesnake', this concept started forming in my brain for a while before I got to actually get it down on paper, so to speak. Rather than explain it what I made, I'd rather you listen to the song and create your own meaning. Because, you know... art.

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